Monday, October 13, 2008

Original Australian made UGLY ugg boots.

Original Australian made UGLY ugg boots.

What BRANDS we have for sale Original Australian made UGLY ugg boots - Take a look at our label up close UGLY ugg boots have been manufactured in Australia for over 50 years .. Its the original name of the ugg boot made in Australia...

The term ugg by Australian law is a Generic term not a brand name .. Their are over 20 authentic Australian manufacturers of ugg boots. Each label their boots with different names. Ugly is one of the oldest brands in Australia. Their is Deckers a American company who have exactly copied our Australian classic styles and have them mass produced in china ... they are trying to make out they are the only and original manufacturer but this is not the case. Our family have been making and selling these boots as ugg boots for a long time...

Its our Australian heritage which the American owned china made company Deckers have stolen. Its not fair but we have to cop it sweet... But hopefully you will support our Aussie heritage and buy Original Australian made ugg boots (Ugly brand). Boots that started the world craze.

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