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2009 Super Bowl Ad Trailer from Audi

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Volkswagen Certified Pre-Loved

Five Times Best

For the fifth consecutive year, Volkswagen Certified Pre-Loved has earned IntelliChoice’s “Best Non-Luxury Certified Pre-Owned Program” title. has been ranking certified pre-owned programs for 10 years and is a leading provider of automotive cost and value analysis.

Analyzing 32 certified pre-owned programs to determine the 2009 winners, bases its awards on a set of criteria identified by consumers as having the most value. Some of those factors include warranties, title verification, certification inspection process, roadside assistance, special financing, return exchange policies, program/dealer compliance and brand value.

“We are pleased to be recognized by a leading third-party resource like IntelliChoice for five years running,” says Robert Martin, VW CPL Manager. “This is evidence that we are heading down the right path and encouragement to continue our focus on continually improving the VW CPL program.”

A Classic Barbeque Dry Rub Recipe Smoked Pork Butt – A Classic Barbeque Dry Rub Recipe

Smoked Pork Butt – A Classic Barbeque Dry Rub Recipe

By: Frank Froggatt

If you are tring to think of something diverse but at the same time well known a smoked pork butt with bbq dry rub is a marvelous means to present smoked meat with tremendous flavor inexpensively and simply.

All you need to make this recipe work is a few basic ingredients for the barbeque dry rub, charcoal and wood chips, a smoker, and around an 8 to 9 lb pork butt. Despite what people believe, a pork butt is not the butt of the pig. It is really just the the shoulder area of the pig where it connects or "butts" to the shoulder blade. The meat here is exceedingly delicious and works very well in a smoker.

Steps To Making The Ideal Barbeque Dry Rub

First off what you need to do is mix up the bbq dry rub for the meat. While this barbeque rub recipe is not super complex, it needs to be followed exactly to achieve the optimum results. You will need :

2 tablespoonfuls of kosher or coarse salt,
2 teaspoonfuls of ground black pepper,
2 teaspoons of paprika,
1 teaspoonful of cayenne pepper,
1 teaspoonful dry oregano leaves
1 teaspoonful granulated garlic
1/2 teaspoonful of ground cumin

Blend them in a decent size mixing bowl. After these are thoroughly mixed thoroughly cover the pork butt with the rub by rubbing it in.. Then place it in a pan and let it sit in the refrigerator for the night. This will exponentially heighten the flavor of the pork and is an all important step.

Once you are satisfied that the pork butt has taken in as much season as attainable, ready your smoker. If this is your first time doing this realize that it isn't difficult process, but one that will take some time. Be sure that you get a smoker that has got a temperature guage on it. You have to get your smoker up to around 225 nominal. For me the best spot is right around 240 degrees. Once the smoker has reached that temperature, put the pork in the smoker fatty side up and keep it in there until it is nice and soft. By placing it fatty side up you let the fatty juices an opportunity to work over and through the pork. You may need to turn it and swab it every couple hours or so. Typical cooking time is 70 minutes per lb, or around 8-10 hours. When the pork butt is fork tender it is done. Watch for tenderness and temperature in the meat area under or above the bone.

Once you have pulled it out, let it chill for more or less thirty minutes then with two forks rend the pork butt apart. Blend with bbq sauce to taste and it is finished.

Author Resource:-> This piece was penned by Bubba Tubbs, an authority on barbecue. Did you

find this recipe on smoked

pork butt dry rub
impressive? You can get a lot more

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Vote For Operation Pom:

The Sunday Night Gig’s video ministry volunteers entered a video contest for POM Wonderful pomegranate juice and were selected as one of ten finalists.
Help support their video department by voting for their video, Operation Pom, at

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McKenna Super Savers

New 2008 Audi A4 2.0 Turbo
Quartz Gray / Light Gray
Stock #A19108
MSRP: $35,150
McKenna Super Saver Price: $29,995
Hurry all remaining 2008's have huge discounts.
For details please call and ask for the
Audi Sale Manager.
William Lee or Randy Irwin
(888) 571-3340

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Audi R8 Carbon Fiber Side Blades

We have another Audi R8 set of Carbon Fiber Side Blades
please call Dean Fehlow @ (888) 571-3340
for any questions

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Super Cars – The Fastest Cars


Super Cars – The Fastest Cars

By: Jessica Whittaker

Vrrrooommm!!! This mere sound of an engine will make everyone sit up. Even the most inert person on earth cannot resist the blood pumping in them when there hear this sound. Onlookers would not bat an eyelid when they see a car whizzing past them. CEO s of Multi National Companies, Billionaires across the world would want to house one in their garages. Man s thrill for speed can be satiated with Super Cars – the fastest cars. Wouldn’t that be superb?? Yeah, that s Super Car for you.

Super Cars – the fastest cars are the most exotic creations of man. A Super Car is generally factory built and is not meant for the city roads. But witnessing them on the road is dream come true for those who have grown up watching James Bond Movies, seeing their Hero come in flashing Aston Martins and Ferraris. Most of the rich won t have the skill and agility to maneuver these expensive flying machines on earth, but have the money to flaunt them. Super Cars – the fastest cars are superior and far ahead of their contemporaries.

Not all companies across the world manufacture Super Cars, there are only four companies producing cars which fly at a top speed of 300 kmph and above. The Big Brother of these Companies is the Lamborghini. How are they able to devise such beautiful and stylish flying machines?? There are various factors that come into the picture.

The quintessential criterion for a Super Car is Speed. They should have extremely quick acceleration compared to ordinary sports car. They have powerful engines with lighter bodies allowing them to reach high maximum speeds at awe – inspiring accelerations. They should able to clock anywhere between 200 – 250 mph in very short span of time. Super Cars – the fastest cars of today reach a top speed of 360 – 370 kmph with 0 – 60 kmph in just 3.2 seconds.

The next criterion is power – weight ratio. Super Cars follow Newton s Second Law i.e., less weight, maximum power. This ratio is achieved with high engine power as high as 520 bhp and low vehicular mass. The materials which go into the making of these Super Cars – the fastest cars are carbon fibers and aluminum, to keep their weight as low as possible.

The other criteria include good road handling, style price and brand name. To name a few, the fastest Super Cars on road today are the Diablo and the Murcielago under brand name Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche and the recent arrival Pagani. The Mc Laren, Big Daddy of all Super Cars is powered by a BMW sourced 6.1 liter engine that delivers 627 bhp at 7400 rpm.

Have you heard of Police chasing criminals in a Super Car? This is actually a reality in Europe. The Italian Police use Lamborghini Gallardo LP – 560 to chase criminals. It comes with a 560 bhp engine which reaches a top speed of 203 mph. Its ergonomics include Computer, Video, Radio, GPS System they can work together to nab the criminals. With these Super Cars on road it would be a thrilling sight for the people.

Last but not the least; Super Cars – the fastest cars are exquisite masterpieces of man with inexplicable beauty, style and power under the bonnet.

Author Resource:-> Visit us at Supercars - Please make sure to visit our page about car wallpaper at

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McKenna Porsche Service

Service Satisfaction Index (S.S.I.)
McKenna Porsche Service Department is #1 in customer service again! Call us and find out why. For the month of January we will give you 10% off your service bill for appoinments made for Saturdays. Our service hours on Saturdays are 8am - 3pm.

Phone: (888) 571-3340
Service Manager: Yvonne Lipman

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Audi R8 Carbon Fiber Side Blades

Brand new Audi R8 Carbon Fiber Side Blades
MSRP: $2,177.59 per side
McKenna Audi has one set for $1,995. (both sides)
HURRY! Won't last long...
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McKenna Super Savers

2006 Graphite BMW 330CiC
Stock # 508863
Miles: 24,048
Kelly Blue Book Retail Value $38,895
Kelly Blue Book Wholesale Value $34,450

McKenna Clearance Price $25,988

For details please ask for
Jose Salgado
Randy Irwin
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