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Super Cars – The Fastest Cars


Super Cars – The Fastest Cars

By: Jessica Whittaker

Vrrrooommm!!! This mere sound of an engine will make everyone sit up. Even the most inert person on earth cannot resist the blood pumping in them when there hear this sound. Onlookers would not bat an eyelid when they see a car whizzing past them. CEO s of Multi National Companies, Billionaires across the world would want to house one in their garages. Man s thrill for speed can be satiated with Super Cars – the fastest cars. Wouldn’t that be superb?? Yeah, that s Super Car for you.

Super Cars – the fastest cars are the most exotic creations of man. A Super Car is generally factory built and is not meant for the city roads. But witnessing them on the road is dream come true for those who have grown up watching James Bond Movies, seeing their Hero come in flashing Aston Martins and Ferraris. Most of the rich won t have the skill and agility to maneuver these expensive flying machines on earth, but have the money to flaunt them. Super Cars – the fastest cars are superior and far ahead of their contemporaries.

Not all companies across the world manufacture Super Cars, there are only four companies producing cars which fly at a top speed of 300 kmph and above. The Big Brother of these Companies is the Lamborghini. How are they able to devise such beautiful and stylish flying machines?? There are various factors that come into the picture.

The quintessential criterion for a Super Car is Speed. They should have extremely quick acceleration compared to ordinary sports car. They have powerful engines with lighter bodies allowing them to reach high maximum speeds at awe – inspiring accelerations. They should able to clock anywhere between 200 – 250 mph in very short span of time. Super Cars – the fastest cars of today reach a top speed of 360 – 370 kmph with 0 – 60 kmph in just 3.2 seconds.

The next criterion is power – weight ratio. Super Cars follow Newton s Second Law i.e., less weight, maximum power. This ratio is achieved with high engine power as high as 520 bhp and low vehicular mass. The materials which go into the making of these Super Cars – the fastest cars are carbon fibers and aluminum, to keep their weight as low as possible.

The other criteria include good road handling, style price and brand name. To name a few, the fastest Super Cars on road today are the Diablo and the Murcielago under brand name Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche and the recent arrival Pagani. The Mc Laren, Big Daddy of all Super Cars is powered by a BMW sourced 6.1 liter engine that delivers 627 bhp at 7400 rpm.

Have you heard of Police chasing criminals in a Super Car? This is actually a reality in Europe. The Italian Police use Lamborghini Gallardo LP – 560 to chase criminals. It comes with a 560 bhp engine which reaches a top speed of 203 mph. Its ergonomics include Computer, Video, Radio, GPS System they can work together to nab the criminals. With these Super Cars on road it would be a thrilling sight for the people.

Last but not the least; Super Cars – the fastest cars are exquisite masterpieces of man with inexplicable beauty, style and power under the bonnet.

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