Sunday, July 20, 2008

2007 Top 10 Business Websites


Bored at work? Look for a new job by using the search engine, which spans listings from job boards, newspapers and company employment sites. Use the advanced search function to drill down by keyword and location so you can match your requirements precisely. Save your searches and have them delivered to you by email or RSS feed. With you only have to search one site to find the new vocation that's right for you.


Losing weight is a lot easier when you have support from friends. Visit to connect with others who are trying to shed pounds, and to read up on popular diets like South Beach, Weight Watchers or Atkins. You can also keep an online journal about eating and exercise, swap recipes and make friends with other dieters. The site is entirely free but paid features may be added in the future.


Make giving back to your community one of your New Year's resolutions this year by using Log on to the site, type in your location and select an area of interest like animal welfare, crisis support or housing and homelessness. The site then matches you with a project that best fits your skill set. There's something for everyone: Current listings include school librarians, homework tutors, special event coordinators, Peace Corps volunteers and even cat socializers.


Are you cruising in the Caribbean this winter, hitting the slopes in Aspen or just spending a week with your in-laws? Wherever you plan on traveling, be sure to visit to make a checklist of what you need to pack and prepare in advance before you go. The site is simple — sign in with a user name and password, choose the type of trip you're taking and then start checking off the appropriate to-do items, like "book ski lessons," "arrange a house-sitter," and "check flight times." You can print out the list and carry it with you, or have email reminders sent to you before your trip. The site also includes handy links to websites where you can take care of chores like renting cars, booking campsites, and getting a new passport.


Open your takeout menu drawer and you're likely to find the five food-stained restaurant menus you've been ordering from for years. But if you live in big cities like New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles — places with countless foodie havens — your mealtime options shouldn't be limited to these same, stale choices. Log on to, choose the neighborhood you live in, pick the type of cuisine you'd like to order and browse selections from hundreds of eateries. With approximately 25,000 menus from eight cities, you'll surely never have to order plain ol' pizza again.


Have you ever wondered what books your friends are reading? Are there novels in your colleagues' libraries that you'd enjoy? Or some that aren't worth the time and effort? Sign up for to read book reviews from your trusted network. Swap thoughts on the latest biography or romance novel and even join an online book club to meet new literary friends. Then get off the computer and spend some time with a good old-fashioned book.


For the first time in a presidential election the Internet is playing a central role in deciding who will become the next leader of the United States., started by editors at the Personal Democracy Forum, covers how the campaigns are playing out in cyberspace and how user-generated content created by activists affects the popularity of the candidates. The site's blog tracks everything from Web advertising and email lists to postings on YouTube and campaign websites. You can even use the site to compare how many friends the candidates have on MySpace and Facebook.


With more than 200 million people signed up for social networks, how can you quickly find your best buddy from second grade, that guy you dated in high school, or your co-worker from three jobs ago? The people search engine sorts through all of these profiles so you can easily find and connect online with long lost friends. Recent upgrades to the site also allow users to control their search profiles on the Wink search engine. Delete that unflattering picture, remove the rude post, and present yourself as you'd like to be seen — instead of letting the search engine take complete control.


Personal assistants used to work only for the rich and famous. Not anymore. Sign up for a subscription ($29 to $49 a month) at and have the site's virtual secretaries do tasks for you, like schedule doctor's appointments, set up dinner reservations or give you a wake-up call even if you are on a trip around the world. Sunday has even helped its customers sort through their hectic dating schedules by searching personal ads on Craigslist and canceling unwanted dates.


Making extra cash through lemonade-stand sales isn't just for kids anymore. You, too, can now get in the game at by setting up a virtual "stand" filled with products you'd recommend to friends. Add the widget to your Facebook, MySpace or blog pages and when purchases are made through your site, you receive 5% to 15% of the cost of the item. The stands are a win-win for everyone: Online retailers get free advertisements, social networkers are recommended good products, and you get paid if the deal goes through.

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